Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 1 - Super Monkey Arrives from England!

So, a beautiful package was waiting for me when I got home from work last night...

When I first cracked open the lid and peeked in, I saw this:

But as soon as I opened the lid a little further, a SUPER MONKEY alien sprang out, ready for action (or defense, as it turned out)...

He immediately flew up to my chandelier and wouldn't come back down (he thought I had stolen the box in transit and tried to kidnap him!)

It wasn't until I showed him this postcard of his home addressed to me that he finally realized I was his hostess!

Partly to break up the embarrassing moment now passed, and partly because he'd been crammed in a box all week, SM decided to take a quick flight around the world (one of his favorite activities). He likes to be like Superman and get exercise at the same time!

While he was gone I took pics of some of the stuff he brought with him:

When he got back he was hungry so we had a snack, some of the lovely candy he brought as a hostess gift. It was delicious, and unlike anything I'd had before!

On my way home from work last night I stopped at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy something I had long desired - a recipe stand! Tired of getting food on my cookbooks, and having to wash my hands every time I wanted to open to the page, you know? So Super Monkey offered to use his super fast skills and put it together for me. Here's an action shot of the putting together (I'm surprised it's not blurry he was so fast!) and a shot of him modeling the finished product:

So then I immediately set about making dinner. SM hung around while I cooked. Quite literally.

Later, I wanted to paint my nails. I asked SM if he would hold the bottle for me while I did. He rolled his eyes at such a girly and mundane task, but obliged me all the same (cause secretly he can be a softy at times, though he likes to maintain his other-wordly superness exterior).

Finally, I set down to my evening activity of watching my favorite ice hockey team (the NY Rangers) in their first second round playoff game against the Pittsburg Penguins. Super Monkey watched for a little while, but then nodded off on my shoulder.

When I finally tucked him in for the night he made me promise to post this pic and tell Mr and Ms Loops that he said "Goodnight!"

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