Saturday, April 26, 2008

Super Monkey's Bio

So for those of you who don't know Super Monkey, here is a quick bit of info, which he included in a handy dandy biography he brought with him.

Name: Super Monkey

Nationality: British

Species: Alien Monkey

Occupation: Super-hero

Place of Birth: A planet far far away...

Current place of habitation: Gloucestershire, England

Skills: Flying, x-ray vision, super strength, can scratch his ear with his foot

Height: 20 cm

Weight: Won't stay still long enough to be weighed

Religion: None

Political Inclination: Believes our political divides pointless and silly

Food preferences: Vegan! (I'll have to learn to cook some vegan dishes while he's here)

Favorite foods: Broccoli, lemon, brown rice, sweeties (in moderation)

Favorite drinks: MonkeyShoulder whiskey, water, apple juice, a nice cup of coffee

Favorite activities: Flying round the planet to try and slow it down, like superman but just for fun, and to keep fit. Kickboxing (yay me too!), eating, watching black and white suspense/thriller/hammer films. Helping people!

Dislikes: People with no sense of humor. Bad spelling. Evil.

Other info: Super Monkey is very wise and heroic as befits a super hero, however he is also very playful and very good at evading capture when you want him to do something. He dislikes being mistaken for a standard earth monkey (except if he is in disguise) and refuses to eat bananas even though he likes them!

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