Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday the 30th

Today Super Monkey was busy most of the morning - off saving people while I worked. But I told him he should definitely come back in the afternoon, because he could come with me to see my asthma and allergy doctor!

So while we waited in the room for my doctor to come in, I was telling Super Monkey about how all the tree pollen in the air was making my sinuses clogged. Since he's an alien monkey, with a crazy alien biological make up, SM was all "What's a sinus?" So I explained to him, and then showed him (how handy!) the difference between a healthy sinus and a bad sinus:


When he heard the doctor coming, Super Monkey decided to hide in the corner to check out first whether or not he thought my doctor was evil before he revealed himself. Since it's a pediatrician's office, the walls are kind of loud, but SM blends in GREAT, no?


Finally, when he was convinced of my doctor's non-evilness, SM was happy to present himself for an exam to see if he had allergies too!


So that was pretty much the most exciting thing we did all day. After that I went to my parents house to do a quick load of laundry, and home to cook dinner and watch Veronica Mars (I'm currently working my way through season 1.)

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