Sunday, April 27, 2008

Average day - smoothie and park

Today was an average day for me, not too exciting for Super Monkey. In the morning I set about making a fruit smoothie for me and SM for breakfast. He got impatient while I was chopping the fruit, and stole my strawberries (see that guilty look in his eyes?)


But then when I explained he would get some of the smoothie when it was finished he gave them back, but told me to hurry it up he was hungry! When I finally gave him the smoothie he enjoyed it very much, and the cool sake glass I served it to him in...


After that we took a ride to one of my favorite local parks, so that I could get some exercise! Here we are driving there (SM claimed this as his spot while driving so that he can keep his eye on the road AND me!):


SuperMonkey doesn't care for walking, he'd rather fly around, so while I walked he flew for awhile and then was intrigued by the dog park at my park, and silently observed from the car:


Here is a pic of the park we went to. It's called Wood Dale County Park. Click on the pic for the full view - it's really beautiful at this time of year.

Later I set up this blog for Super Monkey, but he wanted to give his full seal of approval before it went live. Here he is giving it an inspection...

Later in the day we watched CSI, took a nap, made dinner, and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire on TV. Then we went to bed!

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